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EURONEWS: The United Nations Adds Plot For Peace to its Official Archives

“What has made the documentary work well is that it shows another way of brokering peace. And it shows that, at the end of the day, what happens on an official level is not always what is going on behind the scenes,” says Jean-Yves Ollivier. “Many hope that the work of ‘Monsieur Jacques’ will serve ... Lire la suite


In its annual predictions, Variety has picked Plot For Peace as one of the 134 qualifying documentary features that they believe is a contender for the upcoming Academy Awards. Click on the link or image to see the online version of the Variety story ... Lire la suite


A Wheeler-Dealer Turned Broker for Racial Justice ‘Plot for Peace,’ About a Frenchman in South Africa By DANIEL M. GOLD   OCT. 30, 2014  A fascinating account of off-the-books diplomacy in the 1980s, “Plot for Peace” is that rare documentary that both augments the historical record and is paced like a thriller. Directed by Carlos Agulló and Mandy Jacobson ... Lire la suite

LA TIMES Review ” Plot For Peace Reveals an Unsung Hero”

“The documentary “Plot for Peace” reveals Jean-Yves Ollivier as an unsung hero who helped to engineer the demise of South African apartheid… Plot for Peace” directors Carlos Agulló and Mandy Jacobson appropriately fashion the international intrigue into a John le Carré-style thriller, cleverly devising a motif of Ollivier playing a game of solitaire as he ... Lire la suite

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE : “Focus on Frenchman who Fought Apartheid”

” A character straight out of a political thriller, Jean-Yves Ollivier is nevertheless real, and he played an important, if little-known, role in the history of modern Africa. The quiet machinations of this Frenchman and commodities trader helped win the release of Nelson Mandela from prison and bring an end to South Africa’s apartheid system… ... Lire la suite

★★★★ THE WASHINGTON DIPLOMAT: ‘Plot for Peace’ Exposes Behind-the-Scenes Diplomacy to End Apartheid

“Remarkable archival footage complements the interviews to display what was actually happening at the time. Despite a plethora of talking heads and historical film clips, “Plot for Peace” moves with the fast pacing of a Hollywood thriller. Agulló’s brisk editing is no surprise given his background as an editor of narrative films, including action flicks.” ... Lire la suite

EURWEB: The Hidden Story of Mandela’s Freedom Chronicled in Plot For Peace

“So many times, we as human beings come across injustice and are moved to make a change…Very few who see the injustice forced upon an entire people have the gumption to stand up against the perpetrators of that injustice…Jean-Yves Ollivier.. saw the injustice of Apartheid and was moved to end it risking his career and ... Lire la suite


“It sounds like the premise to a television show like, say, ‘The Blacklist’, but the documentary Plot for Peace reveals how real that kind of intrigue can be…The film’s editing is masterful, though, and with ample footage from the time and up-to-date storytelling from many key players from the African, Cuban, and U.S. governments, among others, Plot for ... Lire la suite

THE SOURCE REVIEW – Oct 26, 2014

There aren’t enough words to describe the tremendous dedication, purpose and effort that went into achieving peace in South Africa, as portrayed by the documentary “Plot For Peace.” The film, through many vignettes, tells the story of South Africa’s release of Nelson Mandela. It features the countless testimonies of diplomats, Winnie Mandela, and heads of ... Lire la suite

Interview with Jean-Yves Ollivier on

Will Morlaes asks: “What do you think audiences will get out from watching this film?” Jean-Yves Ollivier : “This is the whole game of the movie. It’s the start of a new thing in different circumstances. We are hoping the younger generation knows this information and also in this world of conflict, we would like ... Lire la suite