News Plot For Peace

LE FIGARO – A political thriller

The documentary of Mandy Jacobson and Carlos Agulló looks like a ... Lire la suite

LE FIGAROSCOPE – A complex and mysterious character

With a cigar in the mouth, wearing a tie and flashy suspenders worn on an immaculate shirt, gray hair, Jean-Yves Ollivier, also known as “Mr. Jacques” is a mysterious and complex character who worked for the release of Nelson Mandela and the establishment of the peace process in South ... Lire la suite

LE MONDE – Plot for Peace

Documentary by Mandy Jacobson and Carlos Agullo (1h24). ... Lire la suite

LIBERATION – The end of apartheid

A documentary dealing with the French businessman Jean-Yves Ollivier, who was one of the key actors involved in the release of Nelson Mandela and who contributed to the fall of the apartheid ... Lire la suite

OFFICIEL DES SPECTACLES – Dealing with the good cards

“We do not change things by playing with the cards we would like to have, but with the ones we have”, comments Jean-Yves Olliver, ex cereals trader, when starting a card game in front of the camera, in the documentary Plot for ... Lire la suite


KPFA Radio “A Rude Awakening with Sabrina Jacobs” – Listen to the interview that took place with Mandy Jacobson +Carlos Agullo on Nov 3, 2014 ... Lire la suite

FILM GORDON ON BLOGTALK RADIO -Interview with Jean-Yves Ollivier

Jean-Yves Ollivier is interviews on “Keeping It Reel with FilmGordon” – Oct 23, 2014 Listen to this interview again here ... Lire la suite