AFRICAN ORAL HISTORY ARCHIVE is a non-profit initiative dedicated to African story-telling, to the safeguarding of the continent’s dynamic heritage for future generations.

In a global effort, AFRICAN ORAL HISTORY ARCHIVE(AOHA) records and showcases the continent’s acclaimed or unknown history makers, giving unprecedented access to all those who were at the heart of events that shaped Africa’s modern history.

Educational packages, broadcast documentaries, iBooks, feature films, art collections, archive web portals, public seminars, are just a few examples of the resources we create to engage with African history.  The past, the present, the future; creative tools to stimulate debate around major contemporary political developments. Our award-winning film and television unit produces a range of multi-media specialist content, successfully distributed across and beyond the continent.

Subscribing to journalistic best practices, AOHA adopts no single point of view but rather, provides the raw material for open, pluralistic storytelling, the hallmark of democratic societies.

Our mantra could be the Igbo saying: “You don’t stand in one place to watch a masquerade”.