RTVE – Dias de cine : We invite you to the Premiere of the documentary Plot for peace

We invite you to the preview of this documentary which reveals the untold story of the fall of apartheid, and the key role played by a mysterious French businessman in the release of Nelson Mandela. Días de cine: Os invitamos al preestreno del documental ‘Plot for ... Lire la suite

L’HUMANITE – Secret negotiations during the apartheid

An unsettling movie on the role of Jean-Yves Ollivier, or as he was called during the time “Monsieur Jacques”, who was at the very heart of all the discussions between South Africa and the countries that fought against it, before the end of the apartheid ... Lire la suite


The Plot For Peace Paris Premiere happened in Paris on November 12th. Lots of VIPs, journalists and Africa lovers were there to applaude the release of the first movie ever revealing how secret negociations between warring states led to the release of Nelson Mandela and the end of Apartheid. The movie is released in french theaters ... Lire la suite

VIDEODROMO – Interview with Carlos Agulló, director of “Plot for Peace”

Within the Wide Angle section of the Gijón Film Festival, one of the surprises of the day was Plot for Peace, a kind of a political thriller that tells us for the first time the secret history of the French businessman Jean-Yves Ollivier, a key actor in the end of the Apartheid in South-Africa. ... Lire la suite

FRANCE 24 – ‘Plot For Peace’: the untold story on the end of Apartheid

Nelson Mandela’s release from jail and the end of Apartheid in South Africa was one of the key events of the 20th century. What is less known is the role that played in this complex process by a mysterious Frenchman known as “Monsieur Jacques”. ... Lire la suite

A VOIR A LIRE – Plot for Peace : the trailer

This documentary delves into the depths of the underground espionage and diplomacy in order to reveal the real reason for the release of Mandela and the end of apartheid. In cinemas from the 20th November. ... Lire la suite

DRAPEAU ROUGE – The movie “Plot for Peace” is released in theaters in France

The french audience will have the opportunity to discover the movie “Plot for Peace” in theaters, a moving testimony on the fall of the apartheid regime. ... Lire la suite

L’EXPRESS – The secret corridors of Peace

How can secret corridors help us to understand the main events of our time ? ... Lire la suite

OFFICIEL DES SPECTACLES – Dealing with the good cards

“We do not change things by playing with the cards we would like to have, but with the ones we have”, comments Jean-Yves Olliver, ex cereals trader, when starting a card game in front of the camera, in the documentary Plot for ... Lire la suite

TELERAMA – Peace process

At the end of the 1980s, under the code name “Monsieur Jacques”, the French businessman Jean-Yves Ollivier worked secretly and made peace between Angola and South-Africa, thus contributing to to the end of the apartheid regime and the release of Mandela. ... Lire la suite