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“It sounds like the premise to a television show like, say, ‘The Blacklist’, but the documentary Plot for Peace reveals how real that kind of intrigue can be…The film’s editing is masterful, though, and with ample footage from the time and up-to-date storytelling from many key players from the African, Cuban, and U.S. governments, among others, Plot for ... Lire la suite

Interview with Jean-Yves Ollivier on

Will Morlaes asks: “What do you think audiences will get out from watching this film?” Jean-Yves Ollivier : “This is the whole game of the movie. It’s the start of a new thing in different circumstances. We are hoping the younger generation knows this information and also in this world of conflict, we would like ... Lire la suite

THE SOURCE REVIEW – Oct 26, 2014

There aren’t enough words to describe the tremendous dedication, purpose and effort that went into achieving peace in South Africa, as portrayed by the documentary “Plot For Peace.” The film, through many vignettes, tells the story of South Africa’s release of Nelson Mandela. It features the countless testimonies of diplomats, Winnie Mandela, and heads of ... Lire la suite

Listen to Carlos Agullo Talk on US Radio Show Wanda’s Picks

US-based, Black arts and culture site, which explores African diaspora interviewed director and editor Carlos Agullo ahead of the Sanf Franciso release of the film on November 7, 2104.  Click on the link here to listen to the show again. ... Lire la suite

FILM-FORWARD REVIEW – Oct 31st, 2014

The film describes the untold, backroom role that Algerian-born French businessman Jean-Yves Ollivier played in the sensitive negotiations between hostile countries bordering South Africa and the distrustful factions within. … [It] excels in showing how the struggle to free Nelson Mandela and end apartheid played out around some of the highest tensions of the latter days of ... Lire la suite


“… It can surely be said that Plot For Peace is not an end point: A film showing what was in light of what is. No, Plot For Peace is a beacon for what must be – because the story is not over”. Read more of the review here  To Listen to Jean-Yves Ollivier’s interview with Gus Summers on theInShow ... Lire la suite

Jean-Yves Ollivier talks ‘Plot For Peace’ at special screening – Oct 25, 2014

Jean-Yves Ollivier: “You know, why I’m here and why I’m so attached to this movie is not because I want my story to be told, I believe this movie brings your generation some hopes. This is important to know but I hope this movie opens a big note to the future and the resolution to ... Lire la suite

EYEFORFILM’S Review of Special Preview Screening of Plot For Peace Hosted by Beverly Johnson + Herbert Kasper in LA

Beverly Johnson and Herbert Kasper hosted a special screening of Plot For Peace in New York at Florence Gould Hall with Jean-Yves Ollivier in conversation and an after party at the home of designer Kasper.  READ MORE about JEAN-YVES OLLIVIER’S background and his motivations for getting involved in South Africa. ... Lire la suite


Jean-Yves Ollivier: “Because I wasn’t an official or political leader whatsoever, they expressed feelings in a confidential way that led me to go to the other and would you consider what you get in return for helping. I was a broker, I was privileged.”  “When I arrived in ’81, Mandela was already in jail for ... Lire la suite

EYE FOR FILM: The Mysterious Monsieur Jacques

“In my conversation with Jean-Yves Ollivier at Kasper’s, Bertrand Tavernier’s Quai d’Orsay (The French Minister) morphed into Volker Schlöndorff’s Diplomatie (Diplomacy), while Albert Camus’ mother and his Algerian roots were stated as influencing him”, says Anne-Katrin Titze after a special screening of the film hosted by designer Herbert Kasper and Beverly Johnson in New York.  Read ... Lire la suite