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Sunday World – “The Man Behind The Scenes”

“Some of the incidents explored are known, others not as leaders reveal how the apartheid government used cloak-and-dagger tactics – holding talks with neighbouring states’ leaders whilst bombings and killings continued unabated…[Jean Yves Ollivier] became  a reluctant parallel diplomat, negotiating with the regime…”.  Read more of the article below (August 3rd, 2014).   ... Lire la suite

Channel Africa Talks to Jean-Yves Ollivier – 4th August 2014

On 4th July 2014, Channel Africa, the radio broadcaster, interviewed Jean-Yves Ollivier following the national release of Plot For Peace in South Africa. Click here to listen to an excerpt from the radio interview on the Plot For Peace Soundcloud account   ... Lire la suite

“Plot for a Premiere” – A review by the Sunday World’s Swashwi

“Although it was a celebratory occasion, the flooding back of apartheid-era memories was unavoidable… I bawled my eyes out.” Read Swashwi’s  review of the VIP Johannesburg Premiere of Plot For Peace, which was attended by Winnie Mandela, Pik Botha and Matthew Phosa. The screening was followed by a panel discussion including Jean-Yves Ollivier , Mandy ... Lire la suite

★★★★★ “PLOT For Peace has meaning for every South African…A must-see documentary for every South African”

It is a story about a man who decided to do something about a situation that seemed undo-able… The story is almost incredulous. That a short little Frenchman, with all the logic in the world, would deign to think of bringing white supremacists, freedom fighters and presidents of countries, communists and prisoners of war together ... Lire la suite

THE INDEPENDENT – The mysterious Monsieur Jacques: Behind the scenes of apartheid, French businessman Jean-Yves Ollivier was a shadowy broker for peace

On an airstrip in Mozambique in September 1987, a genial Frenchman stood looking on from the sidelines as a prisoner exchange took place between several African nations more commonly seen at loggerheads than in successful negotiation. ... Lire la suite


This documentary prises out French (but Algerian-born) businessman Jean-Yves Ollivier into the light and reveals the remarkable role he played in the end of ... Lire la suite


An intriguing documentary, with some impressive talking heads, all about the secret history of South Africa and the end of ... Lire la suite

i REVIEW – 14 March 2014

His motivation was humanitarian rather than ideological. Ollivier won the trust of all major players, many of whom appear on camera ... Lire la suite

THE TIMES REVIEW – 14 March 2014

Plot for Peace is a revelation: a gripping documentary about a French grain and oil trader, Jean-Yves Ollivier, who became the invisible negotiator in the fight to end apartheid in South ... Lire la suite

BBC RADIO ULSTER – Interview with Jean-Yves Ollivier and Carlos Agulló

Jean-Yves Ollivier and Carlos Agulló join Seamus McKee for a discussion about Plot For Peace after a special preview screening in Belfast on 13th March. Interview starts at 25m ... Lire la suite